It takes a wizard to perform magic
  • It takes a wizard to perform magic
  • Do not replace your carpet, professional cleaning services bring new life to your carpet

Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my carpet clean?

There are variables: sizes of the rooms, over all condition, how much furniture needs to be moved, as a general rule of thumb were looking at about 1 hour.

Dose someone need to stay until you are done?

No, but we do like to have a walk-through done before you leave, and if can be arranged we will work something out.

What should I do with my pets?

It would be best to keep them in a separate room.

When can I walk on the carpet?

We prefer you to stay off until it is no longer damp, about 6-8 hours, but if you need to walk on the carpet, we will leave you with some shoe covers.

Do we have to vacuum before you arrive?

It is best if you do; however, it is a service we can perform.

Do we need to move the furniture?

NO, but we do ask that small things are picked up. We will move the couch and bigger items, place protective tabs underneath them and put them back down into the place; this helps us keep our prices down.

Can you get these stains out?

We have taken certified classes on stain treatment and removal. If anybody can get them out, itís us.

Are the cleaning agents safe for my children/pets?


How soon before you can get me in?

Usually within a couple of days.