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Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning

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Cleaning Methods

Our Customers Get the Best

Even though all cleaning methods have merits the best cleaning method by far is hot water extraction, even better is hot water extraction using a truck mounted system. Along with proper cleaning agents, a much larger percentage of soil is extracted. We have purchased the equipment to perform all the methods listed to meet our customers’ needs. All the equipment only requires a few thousand dollars to get going. Peggy and I have invested a lot of money and time so we can offer our customers the best with a “truck Mounted System”.

Hot Water Extraction

This is a method of cleaning that is referred to as steam cleaning. It removes the greatest amount of soil compared to the other methods. It employs high temperature, good chemical coverage. Drying time for hot water extraction is between 6- 8 hours; you can speed up the drying time with fans. The wand is able to clean from corner to corner of the carpet.

Rug & Carpet Cleaning

No mater what type of fabric the rug or carpet is made of, weather it's nylon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic or wool and wool-blends we will use the best cleaning method and agents.

Dry Powder

This process is where powder is spread on the carpet either by hand or by machine, it's then worked into the carpet. The powder will release the chemical cleaner onto the soil, which is then emulsified and suspended; the soil is then absorbed back into the powder product. The powder is left to sit for 15 to 30 min. then vacuumed up. Even with a powerful vacuum, over time the powder will build up at the base of the carpet. This can cause excess dust in a home or business.

Dry Foam

This Process uses a rotary machine with an aggressive brush. The chemical used is a foaming surfactant base that offers good lubrication and soil suspension. These products will have a neutral pH and add solvents for oil emulsification others will have a high alkalinity. Thorough soil removal is not achieved using this process.

Fiber Protection

Scotchgard is a 3M product that has been saving carpet and upholstery for over 30 years. Once Scotchgard is applied to your carpet or upholstery Scotchgard protects the fiber by coating it with Teflon. The Teflon acts as a barrier between the carpet and spills and soil. Soil is also vacuumed up with ease. Carpets and upholstery will last a long time in your home.

Absorbent Pad

Which is referred to as bonnet cleaning or dry cleaning can be used as an interim maintenance system as well as a primary cleaning. This process is to buff over the carpet with overlapping strokes. This system will give excellent appearance on light to medium soiled carpet. This will leave the carpet dry in less than two hours. The process is not capable of reaching deep into the carpet leaving the bottom two thirds of carpet unaffected, and can cause excess build up from chemical and residues. The bonnet dose not clean to the corners.

Furniture Cleaning

Most upholstery can be steamed cleaned as well. With steam cleaning, you get a lot of the benefits that steam cleaned carpet does. We remove soil, human and pet dander, body oils and odors. Most furniture is dry within two hours. Scotchgard Fiber Protection is recommended.

Janitorial Services

We offer Office, industrial, clinical and institutional cleaning.

Nightly, weekly or monthly services available.

Completely insured.

Pet Stain and Odor Elimination

You Love your pet, but “mistakes” do happen. I know because we have pets as well!! Well the good news is we can help. We’ve spared no expense in research and learning the very best methods of pet odor removal. Magic Wand uses the safest, most effective pet-friendly solutions to rid you and your home of those embarrassing, unhealthy odors.

Flood Water and Sewer Clean-up

Whether it’s a sewer backup or a sump-pump that failed, we can take care of this for you. The first thing we will do, is get rid of all the matter. We will perform all necessary removal of padding. We then clean the floor and sanitize. Clean and sanitize both sides of the affected carpet and set up blowers to help dry. Once dry, we perform the same tasks to ensure a complete job.

Ceramic Tile

In 2010, Tray and Greg attended classes on cleaning and sealing ceramic tile. At that time, we decided to go forward with the purchase of all the tools and equipment needed. We have been making ceramic tile and grout looking new again, ever since. Sealing the grout keeps it looking new for a longer period of time and makes the chore of mopping much easier for the home owner.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Whether your tile floor needs a complete stripping and refinishing or just a light scrubbing and refinishing, Magic Wand is for you. We use the best quality floor finishes around.