It takes a wizard to perform magic
  • It takes a wizard to perform magic
  • Do not replace your carpet, professional cleaning services bring new life to your carpet

Magic Wand Carpet Cleaning

Thank You Sheboygan for Voting us Readers Choice Best Carpet Cleaners!

We are proud to be a local family owned business, that integrity follows through with our work and dedication of excellence to you!

Magic Wand Carpet Cleaners has been in the Carpet Cleaning business for the past 35 years and a Sheboygan Carpet Cleaner for 12 years. During that time, we earned the trust and comfort of countless customers. These customers know the respect and care we give them and their home.

Achieving this status among Sheboygan carpet cleaners is the result of our carpet cleaning process:

carpet cleaners sheboyganclean carpet sheboygan

Magic Wand Carpet Cleaners use the Hot Water Extraction method recommended by major carpet manufacturers

The hot water extraction cleaning method uses equipment that sprays heated 210F water. Sometimes, we add cleaning agents. The sprayed water is vacuumed along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt.

>Magic Wand Carpet Cleaners uses a truck mounted water pressurization and vacuum system, there is no need to bring large amounts of equipment into your home

Our professional truck mounted systems provide the highest water pressure, temperature and flow. Our system has the highest vacuum rate compared to commercial portable systems. This means that more dirt and oils are removed, resulting in a cleaner carpet for you.

>Magic Wand Carpet Cleaners pre-treats all heavy spots and then sprays our cleaning agents on your carpets

The cleaning agents are allowed to soak in and loosen dirt and oils, so more can be extracted during the deep cleaning process.

Magic Wand Carpet Cleaners clean edges, corners, and everything in between

Our Guarantee: If it can come out, we will get it out!

We make this our goal, that by the time we are done cleaning your carpet, you will be so pleased with the results that you will tell your family and friends about Magic Wand Carpet Cleaners.